Our history

We have been a pioneering force in the wheel and tyre industry for more than 55 years. STARCO is founded on a passion for tyres, entrepreneurial spirit and a striving to continuously develop. Today, we are market leaders in some of our fields of expertise and markets. Just like back in the day, we still have a great team bound by a passion to develop, manufacture and deliver clever wheel and tyre solutions, and to understand our customers and the use of their application or vehicle.




STARCO acquires C. G. Enterprises Ltd (British subsidiary)


STARCO acquires Hwa Fong Handels GmbH (German subsidiary)


STARCO establishes itself in Poland and our Eastern Group


Start up in Russia and opening new factory in Croatia


Acquires STARCO in Belgium and starts up STARCO Sweden


Expansion in various countries


Expansion in Russia – and new subsidiary in Ukraine


Acquires subsidiary in France


New factory in Sri Lanka


Central warehouse in Winsen relocated from Lüneburg Germany and start up in South Africa


New management team in place. Peer Ejlersgaard was part of the board until his sudden death in 2016.


Primary aftermarket activity sold off to Bohnenkamp. STARCO exits South Africa too, and later STARCO phases out most replacement market activity in remaining countries. Focus in on OE customers and national distributors.


31st of March 2017 STARCO phases out all traditional replacement activity except in the UK, sales of solid tyres for fork lift trucks in Poland, aftersales services of trailer and caravan assemblies in Benelux, and sales of dual wheel solutions and made-to-measure across Europe.


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More than just a sales-supplier-relationship

20 years have gone by since the first STARCO wheel was mounted on an Aebi vehicle. The relationship has gone from a standard sales-supply relationship to a partnership characterised by joint development of products and continuous improvement of an integrated supply chain. Recently an Aebi delegation visited STARCO’s steel wheel factory in Croatia to develop the relation further – this is one of the many events bringing the two parties closer together.

Competing with China

In recent years, the manufacturing industry in Europe was characterised by a wave of outsourcing and relocation to low-cost countries. Today, the trend is somewhat turning and we are seeing factories returning to Europe. Low labour costs are replaced with automation, high product quality, flexibility and short delivery times. The continued Chinese price pressure impacts STARCO’s competitiveness, yet the British STARCO factory manufactured record-breaking 46,000 tyres in June and orders keep rising. Why?