From 2011 till today

Peer Ejlersgaard

2016 - Peer Ejlersgaard, the owner and chairman of STARCO passes away on Saturnday the 5th of March

Peer was a great businessman, entrepreneur and innovator until his death. He was creative, energetic and had a strong determination to create new things and turn his ideas to life. He was a generous man and spend his time on the things he felt important. He brought energy and spirit wherever he was, and a part from STARCO, he was passionate about horses and family life around his farm Kirstineholm in Højbjerg, Aarhus.

Peer was larger than life and will be missed by family, friends, STARCO employees and colleagues in the industry. Although Peer was for many years the leader of STARCO, he was also a friend and treated his employees as part of one large family, the Starconian family. It is difficult for the employees to understand that he is not around anymore.

Peer Ejlersgaard leaves his wife Hanne Bruun Ejlersgaard and their two sons, Philip and Christian.

 STARCO in South Africa

2012 - Expansion into the african continent

STARCO continues to mark the company’s 50th anniversary year with new global initiatives – this time with the creation of a new STARCO entity in South Africa.

 STARCO 50 years anniversary

2012 - 50th anniversary party in Denmark

From the 22end to the 24th of june, many of STARCO's more than 700 employees from all over the world were gathered in Aarhus, Denmark to selebrate the 50th anniversary of STARCO.


2011 - New factory in Sri Lanka

In March the new STARCO solid tyre factory in Sri Lanka loaded the first container of TUSKER tyres, bound for the STARCO Central warehouse in Germany.

2011 - A new strategy

The recession since 2008 and our efforts towards consolidation have paid off. STARCO has become a more efficient company, at the same time as extending our footprint and market-reach. The new management structure has resulted in the formulation of a clear five year strategy, as we shift our focus from being “Europe’s leading supplier of tyres and wheels” to that of becoming “the global market leader in special wheels”.

This strategy marks a milestone in the history of STARCO as we prepare for the 50th anniversary of the company in December of 2011 – it will be a celebration of our journey from being a family business in Denmark to a business family with worldwide activities.

Under the new strategy our commitment to the aftermarket is emphasized - "we are recognising the need for STARCO to leverage the company’s know-how, resources and position as an international leader in the development of the new markets and new products that will give us the foundation for growth and stability in the future." Such growth will enhance our position as a supplier to the aftermarket sector.

A continued development of the company’s logistics is the keystone to the new strategy. Efficient management and economic control throughout the value-chain, combined with improved quality assurance and a clear corporate social responsibility are already giving STARCO a unique and competitive position in the market. Besides competing on price, we will continue to compete on engineering expertise, product quality, customer service and the social values which give true value to our products and our customers.

As we enter the second quarter of 2011 our strategy paves the way for further development of our growing markets in the eastern region – with new premises in Russia, the establishment of a new operation in the Ukraine and the development of key relationships to new customers in the resource industries of the former Soviet republics.

From 2001 to 2010


2010 - Cautious growth

The management team established in 2009 is reinforced with three Regional Directors (East, West and R.O.W) giving us the structure with which to focus on growth opportunities in the recovering market.

Whereas the growth of the company in the past years - both organic and through acquisitions - has been dictated by opportunities which STARCO was quick to seize, the company now pursues a policy of controlled strategic growth – often via partnerships with other companies that will give us access to new technologies, new products and new markets. As part of our ongoing consolidation in the agricultural market segment, we enter into a joint venture agreement with BUCO S.A., an Argentinean manufacturing company whose semi-pneumatic product range is an excellent complement to existing STARCO agricultural products. This joint venture gives STARCO a bridgehead into the growing South American market, as well as giving BUCO access to STARCO customers worldwide.

By the end of 2010 STARCO is clearly back in business – the company has survived the recession, albeit with some reductions in the workforce, but without losing customers or market-share. We have maintained our operations in 28 countries and have extended our product range for the coming years. Despite a recession that has ravaged our industry, STARCO is still a name to be reckoned with. We look forward to 2011 with optimism.


2009 - Consolidation

The policy of economic restraint and prudence established in 2008 is now consolidated with the creation of a new management structure and a new management team for the STARCO group. The goal is to improve efficiency and reduce costs, without impacting the standard of customer service that has become the company hallmark.

Product development and innovation become key aspects of our new strategy – exemplified by the expansion of our agricultural products segment and a new product range for our internal transport segment – introduced as STARCO FLEX lite – an evolution of our existing STARCO FLEX puncture-free wheels for professional applications but targeted at the domestic and lightweight applications market.

During the final quarter of 2009 we see the first indications of the market recovering, though we prepare ourselves for this being a slow process.


2008 - Still going strong

So far, so good ...
To start the year with further growth, STARCO announces that Nordic Pneu will be taken over by STARCO NV resulting in yet another member in the STARCO Group.

This means that STARCO NV now requires more space. STARCO N.V.’s new premises in Boom, Belgium, are operational from January. This is by far the largest warehouse that STARCO operates and spans an incredible 12.600 m2 and is 6.7 m high. With this, STARCO N.V. can build on their further growth and improve their service to the markets in Benelux, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
By June of 2008 we see the first signs of the forthcoming economic recession in the UK. As a rapidly growing company we recognise the need for prompt action to extend our endurance in the months ahead. The first priority is to reduce our stocks throughout the group, thus improving our liquidity during the coming year. At the same time we focus on reducing costs throughout the company. Despite the onset of the recession, the first nine months of 2008 result in our best turnover ever – though the downturn in the fourth quarter due to the recession all but outweighs the promising result from the first three quarters.

 STARCO iB400   STARCO Gizmo

2007 - Innovation is our middle name

In April, STARCO introduces the STARCO iB400: the new automated wheel assembly system for small wheels developed and built by STARCO’s own engineers. The iB400 is a versatile assembly line that is capable of handling steel, alloy and plastic wheels and depending on the actual wheel and tyre sizes, the iB400 can mount 400 wheels per hour.

An Agreement with BKT Tyres is signed in June. This agreement allows STARCO to distribute BKT tyres in the former Soviet Union.

STARCO is once again at the forefront of wheel innovation and is pleased to announce the STARCO Safety Wheel. This is the newest development within safety of pneumatic tyres. The STARCO Plastic Safety Wheel is fitted with a patented pressure-release valve which ejects and releases tyre pressure, should inflation reach a pre-defined maximum level.

An incredible 25 years has passed since STARCO and KENDA started their successful partnership. The relationship between STARCO and KENDA goes back to 1982 when STARCO bought its first tyres from KENDA. Throughout the years KENDA has developed from being a minor supplier into being STARCO’s largest supplier. Being the main distributor for Kenda in Europe, the working relationship between our companies is extremely strong and we look forward to celebrating our 50th anniversary!

STARCO announces that as of 1st October 2007 Gebr. Schaad AG has joined the STARCO Group. Both STARCO and Schaad are well represented in different areas of the wheel, rim and dual wheel business throughout Europe and Central Asia. The two companies will co-operate and make use of the each other’s strengths in product development, manufacturing and knowledge of the market and customers.


2006 - Russian Expansion

STARCO BEL in Belarus and STARCO UKR in Ukraine are founded.
On 1 July, STARCO NV takes over Docters Banden.

The old love of the Ejlersgaard family for the circus still exists! Tickets for the circus are again handed out to customers and employees – but this time it is to Cirkus Dannebrog. The performances take place on STARCO’s own ground in Skovby.

STARCO Europe continues expansion in Russia with the opening of two new divisions in Ekaterinburg and Kaliningrad.

In November, STARCO and GKN announce an agreement to co-operate in the marketing of various products in the European Off-Highway industry.


2005 - STARCO's footprint grows constantly

STARCO Russia expands with departments in Saint Petersburg and Volga.

The Croatian factory for production of rims is officially inaugurated. The factory has two press lines and three spinning lines and initially it employs about 100 people.

STARCO S.R.L. in Italy is founded.

STARCO Europe enters into strategic co-operation with Otto Just GmbH in Germany concerning selling wheels in Europe for trailers and caravans. Co-operation concerning selling wheels for trailers is extended with Etop International in Slovakia.

STARCO Europe buys into the British company DML Ltd. The partner is Mike Andrews and this new group is named STARCO DML Ltd. In this context, they work on the development of plastic rims and polyurethane wheels for wheelbarrows and lawn mowers, among other things.

STARCO becomes official distributor of Tente casters in the former Soviet Union.

STARCO Europe enters into strategic co-operation with the Belgium company Docters Banden concerning wheels for trailers and caravans.


2004 - STARCO in Belgium and Sweden

STARCO’s Dutch company merges with its long-standing competitor, the reputable, old Belgium company Segers. Hereby, STARCO NV in Belgium is a reality.
Jef de Smedt becomes managing director of the joined forces in Belgium.

The birth of STARCO Sweden AB
In October 2004, STARCO Sweden is established to strengthen our Scandinavian presence.

2002 - Department in Russia and factory in Croatia

STARCO Russia and STARCO Ural are founded.
It is decided to move the production of rims for agricultural machines from Britain to Croatia, and the establishment of a new factory starts.

2001 - Full speed ahead

STARCO starts designing and producing STARCO branded rims. This heralds the beginning of our technical and product development programme.

The East European adventure of STARCO begins.
The first addition is STARCO L in Riga. STARCO L is founded with Aleksey Dremacc and Sergey Gusakovs as partners.

STARCO Polska is founded with Janusz Marusiak and Andrzej Drozdowski as partners.

From 1991 to 2000

 In memory of Ejlersgaard

2000 - The tragic end of the first generation

Ellen and Poul Henrik Julius Ejlersgaard die in the tragic crash of the Concorde.

 Peter Koch

1999 - Second generation takes over

The second generation of the Ejlersgaard family takes over the company. Anette Ejlersgaard gets the Tente Rollen-agency and the name P. Ejlersgaard A/S which, today, is run by her husband, Peter Koch Ejlersgaard. Peer Ejlersgaard takes over all other segments and renames all these companies STARCO.


1998 - STARCO's segmentation strategy is launched

STARCO Europe chooses five specific segments to focus on and target. The strategy is goal-orientated and encompasses close co-operation with our selected customers. Further details can be found under our Products section.


1998 - Rim production in Britain

STARCO GB buys Undergear Equipment Ltd.; a British engineering works, in which production of rims for agricultural machines are started up.

1997 - Automotive wheels are sold off

The rim department 'Ejlersgaard Fælge' is sold off. The rim department of STARCO Eurodäk AB is also sold off.

1996 - Rally Success with aluminium rims

Eurodäk is bought and merged with STARCO Sweden. The name is changed to STARCO Eurodäk AB.
STARCO Europe acquires three Peugeot 205 rally models. 7-8 hugely successful rally weekends are held for customers in 1996 and 1997, focusing on OZ-rims.

1995 - STARCO expands in Germany

STARCO Europe buys Hwa Fong Handels GmbH in Germany. The name of the company is changed to STARCO Handels GmbH.


1994 - STARCO on the Dutch map

STARCO buys a part of the Dutch company CF Hefti, later STARCO NV.


1993 - New location in Skovby

STARCO’s growing pains lead to an investment in property in Skovby near Aarhus. 8.8 million is invested and the buildings are renovated for 6 million. The whole company moves from Aarhus to Skovby in just two weekends! The employees contribute significantly by moving no less than 120 truckloads over the first weekend and 80 loads over the second. The record for filling a truck is an impressive 8 minutes!

1992 - New managing director

Peer Ejlersgaard takes over as managing director of STARCO Europe from his father.
The Norwegians resign from STARCO Europe.

STARCO Europe buys a part of C. G. Enterprises Ltd. which, later, turns into STARCO GB Ltd.

1991 - Swedish department

STARCO Sweden is founded. Hereby, the first foreign department of STARCO Europe is a reality – and the first step is taken towards the formation of the STARCO Group.

From 1981 to 1990


1990 - STARCO Europe is founded

Together with the Norwegian company Inter Contact, STARCO Europe is founded. Both parties own 50% of STARCO Europe. The name, STARCO, comes into existence as the abbreviation of Scandinavian Tyre And Rim Company. The purpose of the company is to sell tyres and rims for passenger cars, tyres for trucks and tractors as well as small tyres abroad.

1989 - Peer Ejlersgaard becomes sales director

Peer Ejlersgaard is appointed as sales director of P. Ejlersgaard A/S

Visit to Kenda

1986 - 25 years and still going strong

P. Ejlersgaard A/S celebrates their 25th anniversary at Hotel Marselis in Aarhus. On this occasion, Poul Henrik Julius Ejlersgaard presents mayor, Thorkild Simonsen, with a large sum of money for the improvement of housing for the disabled in the municipality of Aarhus.

Peer Ejlersgaard really gets the rim department for passenger cars moving. It turns out that the idea of importing aluminium rims is extremely good. P. Ejlersgaard A/S develops into one of the largest suppliers of aluminium rims in Denmark.

The first trip to Kenda Rubber Co. Ltd. in Taiwan. Here, Peer Ejlersgaard is photographed with Erik Spencer, who was the director of P. Ejlersgaard A/S at that time, and Pearl from Kenda. Today, Pearl is the sales director of Kenda and a very important connection for us. Erik Spencer is currently COO Markets of STARCO Europe.

1985 - Second generation is imployed

On August the 1st, Peer Ejlersgaard is employed by P. Ejlersgaard A/S

 STARCO 12 years

1983 - 12½ years with Vredestein

12½ years of close co-operation with the Dutch supplier of tyres, Vredestein, is selebrated.


1982 - Import of Asian tyres

For the first time, P. Ejlersgaard A/S buys tyres in Asia. Firstly from Taiwan, from which tyres of the brand Kenda are imported. Later, tyres from China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and India are added to the programme. However, Kenda continues as P. Ejlersgaard A/S’s largest supplier.

From 1971 to 1980


1980 - Danish agents for Lemmerz

P. Ejlersgaard A/S becomes the Danish agent for the German company, Lemmerz, which produces rims for passenger cars, trucks and agricultural machines.


1975 - Centre for tyres is launched

P. Ejlersgaard A/S moves to 49 Søren Frichsvej in Aarhus and expands with 2500 square metres and opens HTC Dæk Service Centre. Svend Erik Kristensen is joint owner and director.

Before long, HTC Dæk Service Centre starts importing aluminium rims, as one of the first companies in Denmark. The rims are bought in Italy with the brand name “OZ”.

 Peer Kastrup

1974 - New sales manager

Peer Kastrup, who is married to Ellen Ejlersgaard’s cousin, is employed as sales manager.


1973 - New facilities on Silkeborgvej

Again, the growth of P. Ejlersgaard A/S means that the existing premises are too small and the company moves to 53 Silkeborgvej in Aarhus.


1971 - Shares in Randersbøren

P. Rasmussens Maskinfabrik – better known as 'Randersbøren' – is purchased with export manager Olav Fjeldsøe and director E. Simonsen. Ernst B. Sund, Arne M. Therkilsen and G.A.L. Thorsen also invest in 'Randersbøren'. Investments in new machinery and a new factory are made, and, in a few years, the turnover increases tenfold. 'Randersbøren' is realised in the mid 1980’s.

The import of tyres for passenger cars, and tyres for agricultural machines from the Dutch company Vredestein, begins.

From 1961 to 1970


1970 - Tyres for passenger cars

Again, more products are added to P. Ejlersgaard A/S’s selection of items. Firstly, wheels for passenger cars from the American company BF Goodrich and later on from the Dutch company Vredestein are added.


1967 - Success requires space

P. Ejlersgaard A/S grows steadily and the company moves to 6 Gebauersgade in Aarhus. The new building is named 'Hjulgården'.

Ellen and Poul Henrik Julius Ejlersgaard’s son, Peer, starts his career in the company. With a friend, he collects Tente Rollen casters for the grand sum of 10 øre each.


1962 - Four cornerstones

The selection of items is expanded to include agricultural tyres when the contract with the Swedish manufacturer, Viskafors, is signed. Hereby, the four cornerstones in P. Ejlersgaard A/S are formed: dealing in products from Tente Rollen, Hadsten Hjulfabrik, Värnamos and Viskafors.

Through the 1980s and 1990s, the three last mentioned companies are bought up by one of STARCO’s large cooperation partners, Trelleborg Gummifabrik.

 Poul Henrik     Ellen

1961 - P. Ejlersgaard A/S is founded

On December 11 1961, P.Ejlersgaard A/S becomes a reality. Ellen and Poul Henrik holds 96% of the shares and the last 4% was shared between Ebbe Gerstrup, head clerk at the Tax authorities in Kolding and Lawyer Arne M. Therkelsen. Ebbe Gerstrup left his shares to the Ejlersgaard children Anette and Peer. The last shares was bought back from the widow of Arne M. Therhelsen in year 2000.

From No. 110 Jægergaardsgade in Aarhus, to Vestgaarden, situated at Vesterbro Torv in Aarhus, the company grew to 200 square metres of warehous, huge for the time. Ellen Ejlersgaard’s aunt, Maja Svendgård, is employed. She runs the bookkeeping department for several years.

Svend Erik Kristensen is employed as warehouse assistant and later becomes head of the warehouse. He remains in the warehouse for years where he, from time to time, looks after Ejlersgaards’ offspring, Anette and Peer.

The first products P. Ejlersgaard A/S deals with are casters produced by the German company, Tente Rollen.

In addition Hadsten Hjulfabrik produces small rims and steel wheels. They also starts producing steel balloon wheels as support wheels for ploughs. The steel balloon wheels are Poul Henrik Julius Ejlersgaard’s invention and for many years he receives commission, at home and abroad, from the sale of these wheels.

From Värnamo’s Gummifabrik in Sweden, the company starts dealing with wheelbarrow tyres in Denmark.

P. Ejlersgaard A/S’s first customer is Krarup Maskinfabrik. Many years later, the owner’s son Bjarne Rasmussen, is employed as the director of STARCO’s steel wheel factory in Croatia.

From the beginning and up to 1960

Poul Henrik

1960 - The beginning of one's own company

The 17th of April 1960, Poul Henrik Julius Ejlersgaard's father - Ejler Ejlersgaard - passes away. Poul Henrik Julius Ejlersgaard decides to use his inheritance to start his own company.


1958 - A visit to Sweden

Erik Juul Hansen and Poul Henrik Julius Ejlersgaard visits the Trelleborg Rubber factory in Sweden.

STARCO Dumpers

1955 - The discovery of Dumpers

In 1955, Erik Juul Hansen (Sygos) and Poul Henrik Julius Ejlersgaard attended the Köln fair. Ejlersgaard, a keen photograper, took a picture of a dumper. Curiously enough, already then he took interest in this kind of vehicle. Today STARCO is by far the largest supplier of these wheels to the European market. STARCO has its own production line of the STARCO AS and the STARCO MP dumper.


1954 - Sygos

The same year Poul Henrik Julius Ejlersgaard finished his training at the firm Middelfart Jern & Stålforretning - he was employed at Sygos in Kolding, a company which trades is pneumatic tyres.

The owner of Sygos - Erik Juul Hansen and Poul Henrik Julius Ejlersgaard developed a close relationship. Mr. Juul Hansen becomes the godfather of Ejlersgaard's daughter Anette. His wife Lise Lotte Juul Hansen becomes the godmother for Ejlersgaard's son Peer.


1940 - Yachting - Not just for fun

Poul Henrik Julius Ejlersgaard is a keen yachtsman - a passion he inherited from his father - Ejler Ejlersgaard. The family often goes sailing. When Poul Henrik later was self-employed, many summers were spend on the see - partly vacationing - partly visiting customers.

The boat is a "Folkebåd" and only the fifth made in Denmark. Ejler Ejlersgaard won the boat in a lottery.

Poul Henrik

1930 - A founder sees the light of day

Poul Henrik Julius Ejlersgaard, the founder of P. Ejlersgaard A/S (later STARCO) was born on september 11, 1927. In the picture we see Poul Henrik at the age of 3 with his first wheelbarrow - an object which will become of great importance to him.