550 STARCOnians make up a great team bound by passion. This picture is from STARCO's 50th anniversary in 2012 where STARCOnians from around the world were flown in to take part in the celebration.

Welcome to STARCONIA – our world of wheels and tyres, full of life and full of passion. What makes STARCO different is the way we do things and the passion with which we approach our work, our customers and our colleagues.

Our wheels and tyres are already among the best available. This is a result of the combined and continued effort of the talented people working at STARCO. We refer to them as STARCONIANS. It is the Starconians that continue to give us the leading edge.

We invest in our employees, by maintaining a safe and healthy workplace, by offering challenges and opportunities and by giving all employees responsibility for- and influence over their role in the company.

Because of this, many of our employees have stayed with us for many years.

Various job functions in the same locations gives our employees a high degree of mobility and the opportunity to get a role within another business areas.

We support our people in acquiring the necessary product knowledge and business understanding to enable them to approach their work with confidence and to achieve success.

We empower them with the tools with which they can enhance their skills and reach their potential, and we encourage them to use their heads, their hands and their hearts.

Within each workplace, our employees are members of Mini Business Units (MBU’s); small multi-disciplined groups comprising all the STARCO employees who are involved in a specific process or product area. Through regular meetings the group members plan their daily work routines and work together to improve efficiency, health and safety, quality assurance and training.

Each MBU is a family-within-the-family, offering professional support and comradeship to each employee, with each MBU having its own unique identity and specialities, on which other MBU’s within the STARCO group can draw for support, expertise or experience.

We encourage our employees to take responsibility, show initiative and to “think outside the box” – innovation by employees is encouraged and rewarded.

Despite a common passion for wheels and tyres, we enjoy the diversity amongst the Starconians – both when it comes to hobbies, culture and educational background.