STARCO University - we invest in building your competences and knowledge

At STARCO we take a pride in the intellectual capital in our employees. This is truly what sets us apart from our competitors. STARCO University provides the ongoing theoretical and practical learning environment that ensures your constant growth.

Susanne Thomsen

Marketing coordinator and graphic designer, Denmark

"I joined STARCO back in 2012. Working in the marketing department it is important for me to understand our products. The internal training programs has helped me to gain the knowledge and understanding I need to do my job.

Internal training has also given me the opportunity to meet with my colleagues from around the world. It is a lot easier to solve day to day challenges when we have met face to face."

Sönke Koop

Sales Operation Manager OEM, Germany

"When I joint the STARCO family, wheels and tires where not familiar to me, I only had four on my car.
I joint STARCO in Germany in 2013 and started in internal sales OEM, and jumped right into it working with different OEM customers right from the beginning.

The Wheel Maestro training from STARCO helped me to get all important information to do my job. To get an understanding of how our factories are producing our wheels.
We worked in teams to measure wheels, fit double wheels kits to a tractor etc. This all gave me a better feeling for our products.
The Wheel Maestro was a good way to learn a about wheels and also tires, which have helped me to service our customers on a qualified level.

Now I’m OEM Sales Operations Manager and use all knowledge I’ve gained from Wheel Maestro in my daily tasks."

Vicky Frodsham

Operations Director,

"Since joining STARCO in 2004 as a demand planner I have been offered many opportunities for career progression and professional development. The highlight of this was attending the Tyre Maestro as part of the STARCO University. It is a three week training course combining classroom learning with practical tasks.

Part of the course involved a visit to factories where we got to see each stage of production of our own tyres.

Being offered this experience was invaluable to my role in understanding the complete supply chain and to solve my daily tasks."


Tyre and wheel maestro training cources

The Tyre Maestro and Wheel Maetro is part of the STARCO University offerings to employees.

Among the many different training offerings and technical seminars offered on a regular basis, the Tyre Maestro and the Wheel Maestro training courses are held whenever needed. During the training, the participants lean about the "nuts and bolts" of tyres and wheels from both a design and production perspective as well as from an application and customer point of view.

The training is conducted over several days and weeks, scattered over the year and is taking place on different locations including our corporate head quarter in Denmark, our engineering division in England and at our production plant in Croatia.

We believe that knowing about tyres and wheels are important to all employees and relevant to unfold their full potential in any function they may serve. Therefore our training programs are open to all as agreed with the local managers.