STARCO reinvents the hay tedder tyre

Problems in hay tedding related to poor tyre performance and inconvenient maintenance that delay the process haven’t been a novelty for farmers in the latest decades. Aware of this challenge, STARCO launches the HT Pro, a high-quality wheel and tyre solution that eliminates issues in the field, such as frequent punctures and poor rolling wheels, and easier maintenance, preventing inconvenient stops and expensive after service. The innovation has been first introduced to the market this Sunday, 12th November 2017, at the German agricultural exhibition Agritechnica, in Hannover.

Developed in close collaboration with a market leading manufacturer of agricultural machines, STARCO HT Pro was tested in state-of-the-art test centres and in the field of New Zealand, showing great results. The 10-inch tubeless complete wheel solution has an innovative tyre pattern that allows for better performance due to its increased puncture resistance that optimises rolling. A low-profile tyre guarantees the widest possible ground contact, resulting in less impact, which also reduces the risk of punctures, and gives more stability to the hay tedder, even at high speed. The solution improved reliability in the field by removing the tubes, utilising a stronger tyre-construction, and fitted to a STARCO wheel with safety humps on both sides. STARCO’s rust preventing e-coat technology for wheels gives the final touch, preventing rust and corrosion throughout the normal working life of the wheel. At last, the HT Pro innovative wheel design prevents grass from wrapping around the hub and axle, avoiding inconvenient stops and reducing maintenance costs.

“The launch of the STARCO HT Pro breaks with the existing tyre traditions and is the first step in the journey towards a maintenance free hay tedder wheel and tyre solution by STARCO”, states Frédéric Ivancich, segment director for Agricultural Implement. The first wheels within the innovative solution were already sold to key OEM customers.

Meet us at Agritechnica
Agritechnica is Europe’s largest agricultural fair. It’s held 12-18 November 2017 in Hannover, Germany, and is hosting 2,900 exhibitors in 23 halls.
Drop by Hall 3, Stand H19 to learn more about how HT Pro differs from traditional haytedder tyres. Experience a full-size virtual version of the HS Flotation or just have a chat about how clever wheel solutions improves performance of applications. Read more here.