Wheels and tyres for industrial applications

Equipment manufactures of machinery for industrial applications, rely on STARCO to supply tyre and wheel solutions fitted and designed for various environments and terrain conditions.

The design of an industrial machine often dictates wheel and tyre requirements. The ultimate performance of the machine also depends on choosing the right wheel and tyre combination. 

The STARCO engineering team offers customers expert knowledge on how to combine existing tyres and wheels to meet the strict requirements as well as making custom designed and manufactured wheels and tyres.

STARCO supplies wheel and tyre solutions for self-propelled industrial machinery such as dumpers, forklifts, skidsteers and small wheel loaders. We do this for all environments and surfaces, that may be required for your machine and its specific application.

Watch a video on some of our solutions

STARCO Dumper tyres

STARCO AS Dumper and STARCO MP Dumper are the leading tyres for dumper applications – designed and engineered for the combination of off-road and on-road use that characterizes dumper applications, these tyres are hard-wearing and offer excellent steering precision, load stability and self-cleaning ability when working in soft terrain.

STARCO Tusker Forklift tyres STARCO has developed a Forklift Tyre range to meet the needs of operators who require an unique tyre solution. STARCO Tusker as the premium tyre for three-shift operations and STARCO Unicorn as the standard tyre for single-shift operations.