Material handling - A wheel for every purpose

The invention of the wheelbarrow, sack truck and trolleys opened up for ingenious, wheeled solutions for the easy transport of materials and small appliances. STARCO offers the widest range of wheels and tyres for Original Equipment Manufactures making products for material handling applications.

The design and manufacture of small lightweight wheels and tyres for material handling applications is one of our core activities. For almost any manually propelled or mechanically pulled application and axle configuration, we supply a choice of pneumatic or puncture-free tyres for mounting on plastic or steel wheels. STARCO supplies wheels and tyres separately, and also as complete wheel assemblies ready for our customers production lines, with configuration and inflation to their specification.

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This video introduces you to the STARCO Flex puncture free tyre.

STARCO Assembly iB400 The iB400 is one of a kind in automated assembly of small wheels. It is located at all our
Assembly Centres around the world for quick response to customer  demands.