Clever wheel and tyre solutions for trailers and caravans

Lightweight or heavy duty? - STARCO can deliver the optimal wheel solution for your application.

Lightweight trailers for passenger cars or heavy duty equipment-transporters for contractors’ vehicles - STARCO has the optimal wheel solution.

Wheels and tyres for trailers and caravans must match a wide variety of loads and mechanical configurations. Good performance is necessary regardless of the load, and it must be rated for high-speed highway use. STARCO is the preferred manufacturer and supplier to the European trailer and caravan sector. We offer wheel assembly and a logistic support that is second to none.

STARCO has been the leading supplier of wheels and tyres to the European and North American OEM markets for several decades. That has given us the leading edge in product quality, competitiveness and excellence in logistics. You will find STARCO wheels and tyres on trailers and caravans in all corners of the world.

When requested, the STARCO engineering team works closely with the Original Equipment Manufacturer to create and produce customized wheel designs to match the specific mechanical needs of any trailer or caravan chassis.

STARCO steel wheels for trailers and caravan applications are manufactured at our facilities in Croatia and China in compliance with European and North American automotive standards.

To meet the requirements of a very specific niche in the market, STARCO has developed a range of wheels and tyres for static caravans. The extreme loading, combined with long still standing periods, demands special solutions from the design and construction. We deliver.

Shaun Jones

Segment Director, Trailer and Caravan

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United Kingdom

Shaun Jones has been selling wheels & tyres for more than 25 years – nearly 20 years at STARCO - primarily with original equipment manufacturers, specialising in the high speed trailer and caravan sector.

Shaun is responsible for maintaining and growing STARCO’s largest segment, Trailer & Caravan, across Europe.