Utility and Ground Care Vehicles

STARCO offers a range of state of the art and cost efficient steel and plastic wheels with pneumatic tyres suiting driven and steered axles on a wide range of low-speed machinery.

Original Equipment Manufactures and distributors require a dependable wheel solution for the high-volume utility and ground care sector. We offer applications for municipal service vehicles, professional mowers, ride on mowers, tool carriers and other motorized horticultural machinery. The same machine series are sold in many countries and we provide a logistic setup that meets the strictest quality requirements to sourcing and servicing on a global scale.

STARCO offers both steel and plastic wheel solutions and we deliver more than 95% of all orders for this segment as complete wheel assemblies - directly to our customers assembly line. 

Our wheel assembly lines are located at our distribution centres. This secures efficient assembly and distribution of wheels and tyres. We aim at a high level of integration in workflow and systems between our customers and our supply chain, because we know this creates a more efficient chain, smooth collaboration and a better experience for the end customer. The wheel and tyre combinations are selected specifically by STARCO engineers to meet your requirements.

Watch a video to learn about our Assembly services

Large wheel assembly at STARCO assembly lines

STARCO's automated lines for mounting large tyres and wheels are located strategicly across Europe. These include lines for assembling wheels for our Trailer and Caravan segment. The same mounting principles are used as with the iB400 High Speed wheels from 12” and up.
But it does not stop here – To avoid waste in manual fitting hours for larger agricultural and industrial wheels above 10”, STARCO have developed its own half-automated fitting lines that can take wheels dimension up to 17” – After that the manual fitting lines takes over.

STARCO Assembly iB400 The iB400 is one of a kind in automated assembly of small wheels. It is located at all our
Assembly Centres around the world for quick response to customer  demands.