STARCO quality assurance

Design Quality

Quality in design and manufactoring

We have a dedicated, end-to-end focus on quality: From idea throughout development and prototyping until the product leaves the production line.

Logistical Quality

Quality in logistics

We know the lead time from factory to distribution centres or to our customers’ assembly line is very valuable. We have a proven track record in bring down handling cost, reducing lead time and improving delivery in close collaboration with our customers. Our comprehensive quality assurance systems tracking parts throughout the process and our proud employees are keys to our high quality.
This allows OEM customers to run a "Just in time" supply chain, with no unintended stops.

Claim Management

Claim management

Unfortunately errors do occur. When they do, we have a second to none claim management system to ensure that all relevant information is registered.

Our quality control team is assigned to handle each and every claim. All claims that is somehow related to product quality are run by our chief engineer to ensure that we get it right in the future.

What we learn

What we learn

STARCO lives by the LEAN principles where continuous improvement is essential. We learn not only from our mistakes, but by constantly questioning our methods and processes.

STARCO has a history of a flat organization, fast decision making and empowered employees. During our weekly MDW meetings held at all levels in the organisation, we ensure time for sharing best practices and to improve both products and procedures with extensive customer focus.