Beli Manastir awarded with the Fly Award

Nov 19, 2014 | Manufacturing

As the President of Croatia, Zoran Milanović, today presents the “Business Fly” award to Mario Biscan, Managing Director of STARCO Beli Manastir, the company can celebrate yet another testimonial to the remarkable results achieved at the STARCO wheel factory during the past decade.

STARCO BM have won the prestigious award as the best mid-sized export company in Eastern Croatia. The company has been nominated for the award by the Croatian Ministry of Economy, based upon its track record in recent years, including growth of turnover, number of employees, operating profit and export achievement.

There are five regions in Croatia. STARCO BM is located in Beli Manastir in the Eastern Region, and it is the Agricultural University of the regional capital, Osijek, that hosted today’s award presentation. In a few weeks, the regional winners will compete for the national title of best “Business fly” company.

The decision by STARCO to establish a steel-wheel factory in Beli Manastir in 2005 has consistently been proven a wise investment. Over the years, the factory has achieved remarkable results including, class leading quality performance and exceptional productivity.

With the recent inclusion of Croatia in the European Union, the strategic location of STARCO BM has become even more evident. These factors, supported not least by the continued quest for quality and improvement in the manufacturing operation have ensured that STARCO BM has won recognition throughout the industry, including many successful quality audits and certification by leading agricultural and industrial OEM companies, who have subsequently appointed STARCO as a preferred supplier of steel wheels to their own manufacturing operations.

STARCO BM is no longer a business development experiment. Today the factory is the primary source of pressed and spun steel wheels for most STARCO wheel solutions, and with continued process innovation including several large diameter wheel spinners and a unique prototyping service for special wheels, STARCO BM has set the standard for steel wheel manufacturing, delivering steel wheels to the STARCO global distribution operation.

Whilst STARCO BM has already made a name for itself within the wheel industry, today’s “Business Fly” award is a welcomed recognition of the company’s business achievements in its home country.

Besides public recognition, the award includes a range of free training seminars for key STARCO BM employees to support the continued growth and success of the company.

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Media contact

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