From components to complete solutions: STARCO expands unique Dual Wheel range

Nov 10, 2016 | Sonderfahrzeuge

Extensive, specialised engineering work in close collaboration with STARCO’s European steel wheel manufacturing facility bears fruit and enables STARCO to launch an expanded range of dual wheel solutions. The benefits for customers are clear: improved lead times, supply chain is simplified and the quality of the solution is to OE standard.

“We have customers in markets with very different requirements and applications; for instance, stability duals in mountainous Switzerland and traction duals in the Ukraine. Despite the difference in need, our product range can easily satisfy such varied requirements” explains Sven Holmes, Segment Director for Specialised Vehicles.

STARCO offers customers complete, finished duals using the same e-coat and powder topcoat technology they use for OE customers. This provides a high quality durable finish.

Easy and safe mounting; a solution with high reliability and best-in-class quality
Key to the success of the STARCO dual system is the patented clamp system. This allows the dual to be simply mounted and tensioned whilst attached to the vehicle without any hassle.

STARCO understands the need for precise fit when it comes to the dual wheel itself and for this reason the integrated Emc2 spacer duals have been developed to cover 46”. These duals are calibrated twice to ensure a positive and accurate fit for maximum power transfer and reliability.

The Emc2 range is the latest evolution within the dual system from STARCO, which has developed, manufactured and supplied duals for over 45 years.
In the video you see how easily duals can be mounted – in fact one person can do it safely alone.

Fast delivery of low volumes due to high flexibility in production

“Our factory has high flexibility and is specialised in low volume production. Where our competitors take hours to change over a production line, our steel wheel production line for the spun wheels can change from one product to another in less than 20 minutes – for instance between a 20” and 54” wheel,” explains Mario Biscan, Managing Director, STARCO Manufacturing in Croatia.

In 2015, STARCO moved its specialised wheel manufacturing from a small factory in Switzerland, which employed 30 people, to its ISO 9001-certified Croatian manufacturing centre in Beli Manastir. The motivation for this transfer was the ability to generate more capacity and to fully utilise its staff of over 200 employees in Croatia. This change has allowed STARCO to actively and significantly develop wheel solutions with specialist expertise.

Various investments have increased capacity, such as the internally developed new paint chain, and more investments are underway.

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This 90 sec video shows how simply STARCO dual wheels can be mounted on your tractor without complicated or damaging mountings.




STARCO’s customer segment Specialised Vehicles covers three solution categories:

  • Made-to-Measure (MtM) is characterised by a customer demand for a short lead time and high flexibility. Agricultural wheels size: 20–54”
  • Dual Wheel Systems are Swiss designed solutions for applications such as tractors. STARCO has various patented solutions and leads the world in the field. Wheel size: 15–54”
  • Hi-Tech solutions are developed for high-load and/or high-speed applications and are manufactured in relatively low-volume applications. These solutions are often customised, developed and tested in close collaboration with the customers – for instance, manufacturers of military, civilian or industrial vehicles. Typical wheel size: 10.00–20”.
Media Contact

Media Contact

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Sales contact

Sales contact

Andreas Thorborg

Senior Sales Manager OEM, Specialised Vehicles
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