STARCO dual wheel solutions

STARCO dual wheel solutions

STARCO dual wheel solutions

Our STARCO dual wheel solutions are unique, high quality and mounted with our simple and safe clamp system. They are always manufactured using our unique e-coat technology to prevent corrosion.

Initially designed for tough conditions in the Swiss Alpes in the 1970s, STARCO dual wheel solutions are making tractors across Europe more versatile. Farmers use dual wheels for various reasons, but mainly to gain better traction, improve stability and less soil compression.

STARCO’s duals are primarily sold via our national distributors and used for various purposes, for instance:

  • For row crop tractors to keep foot print, increase load capacity and improve yield output.
  • For mountain tractors to extend vehicle capabilities, improve stability and enhancement even in steep slopes and wet conditions.
  • For harvesters to have optimum ground contact and better performance in wet conditions.

We offer dual wheels to fit most vehicles – both for OEM and end-users (via distributors). STARCO dual wheel solutions are complete wheel solutions ready for mounting – this includes wheels, spacer and clamps. Read more about our clamp system, spacer technology and steel wheels below and see how easy you can mount our dual solution.

Mounting STARCO duals wheel solution

In this video you see how easily duals can be mounted – in fact one person can do it safely alone.


STARCO Clamp System

Formerly known as the GS Schaad system, STARCO’s clamp systems for mounting duals  are simple and safe to use. They are always manufactured using our unique e-coat technology to prevent corrosion.


STARCO Spacer Ring

Our proven spacer technology for mounting duals is a unique stepped spacer and is manufactured from a single, spun formed ring in our Croatian factory. This provides a very robust, simple and durable dual wheel solution, suitable for both low and high horsepower applications with load carrying capabilities for tractors up to 400ps and up to 46 inches. These duals are calibrated twice to ensure a positive and accurate fit for maximum power transfer and reliability.

Our spacer technology allows for mounting to the mother wheel without additional welding or components.

E-coated steel wheels

All dual wheels manufactured by STARCO are finished with the e-coat and powder topcoat technology for high quality durable finish. It’s the same finish we use for our customers being Original Equipment Manufacturers. Our dual wheels are produced with a high level of experience in our ISO certified Croatian factory.

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