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Aug 21, 2015 | Produktion

Did you know that we spray enough paint every day onto our wheels to cover eleven tennis courts!

With this „funny fact“ STARCO is proud to present the company’s latest wheel manufacturing catalogue, a 26 page presentation of the world-class wheel manufacturing by STARCO, illustrating the wide range of flexible solutions for the manufacture of steel wheels to match the needs of almost any application, giving the customer the choice of countless wheel configurations.

With the advanced manufacturing capability of the STARCO wheel production plant in Croatia and in China, the customer can specify the wheel to match specific tyre dimensions. Also axle and bearing configurations hub offsets and to incorporate wheel designs that suit different tyres, applications and mounting technologies are possible – for both STARCO branded and third-party supplied tyres.

With over a decade of intensive product and manufacturing development, adopting state-of-the-art technologies and tooling, combined with a strict quality-assurance programme and a demanding employee training plan, the STARCO production plants has won the approval and certification of many leading Original Equipment manufacturers and independent quality audit institutes. The STARCO product catalogue is probably the world’s most comprehensive range of wheels and tyres and relies increasingly on in-house manufacturing of steel wheels for its own STARCO-branded wheel assemblies as well as for the supply of individual wheels to both OEM and aftermarket customers worldwide.

The latest wheel manufacturing catalogue is a testament to the astounding success of the STARCO production plants and to the confidence of STARCO and its key strategic partners in the vision of a world-class European wheel manufacturing facility. Because of the unique needs of STARCO’s own engineering division, the production is designed, built and tooled for maximum flexibility – even when handling low volume prototype orders – by which different wheel characteristics may easily be combined to give a product that exactly matches the customers needs.

STARCO employs the revolutionary e-coat process as standard to give the most durable corrosion and wear resistant paint finish available anywhere.

The track record of the Croatian wheel production plant is further underlined by the „funny facts“ in the latest catalogue –

  • Our annual consumption of welding wire is enough to reach from the North to the South Pole!
  • If we stacked a single month’s production of STARCO wheels on top of one another, the pile would be taller than Mount Everest. (Yes – the sky is NOT the limit!)
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Media Contact

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