Doubling capacity in Belgium to serve European trailer manufacturers

Jun 14, 2016 | Trailer & Caravans

Increased capacity will enable 1,000,000 wheels per year to be fitted on trailers and caravans at the specialist Trailer & Caravan Customer Care Centre in Arendonk, Belgium. The 13-ton machine arrived two weeks ago and is being installed and tested. It will be ready to run full at capacity this week.

In addition to having meetings with the new trailer manufacturer customers as part of the transition with Bohnenkamp, STARCO is enhancing its customer care and fitting equipment in the specialist Trailer & Caravan Centre in Arendonk, Belgium.

“The new fitting equipment will enable us to serve both current and new customers. We are increasing installation capacity by approximately 1,200 complete wheel assemblies extra per day for 13”, 14” and 15” wheels,” explains Danielle de Roeper, head of customer care for the Trailer & Caravan segment.

The newly acquired fitting machine allows for faster response times and more flexibility in terms of quantities and variety of complete wheels requested by customers.

“The equipment arrived on the 30th May and is currently being installed, and up and running. I’m very much looking forward to serving our new customers in Arendonk,” says Peter Hanghøj, Head of Supply Chain and Operations.

The ramp up of operations is part of STARCO’s strategic shift which includes an enhanced focus on partnering with original equipment manufacturers to deliver clever wheel & tyre solutions.

STARCO manufactures 95 percent of the wheels they sell at their own manufacturing sites, with the factories in China and in Croatia specialising in the manufacturing of steel wheels for high speed trailers and caravans. Production also covers other special wheels such as those for industrial vehicles and agricultural equipment.

Media contact

Media contact

Brian Lorentzen

Strategic Marketing Director
+45 51341399

Project contact

Project contact

Shaun Jones

Segment Director, Trailer and Caravan
+44 7 572 903 812

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