Intensifying customer-focus with a new structure

Avr 26, 2016 | Nouvelles

STARCO changes the organisational structure with national sales entities to a cross border segment-driven approach with intensified focus on current and new larger customers. The market needs for specialised knowledge, strong supplier partnerships and cross border mobility are the main drivers. The aftermarket focus remains unchanged.

During the years STARCO has grown both organically and through acquisitions. Various organisational adjustments have made STARCO’s footprint and structure more cost efficient and closer to the customers. The effects start to show and STARCO continues the journey of improvement.

“We simply do this to become more customer-focused and a better partner for our larger customers that operates across Europe,” explains STARCO’s CEO Richard Todd and continues: “We see opportunities to strengthen our supply chain, enable strong partnership with our larger customers, follow customers cross-border in Europe, and to put our experience and specialised knowledge into play no-matter location.”

STARCO has more than 50 years of experience with wheel and tyre solutions. Today, they have representatives all over Europe servicing both aftermarket customers and original equipment manufacturers. This change only affects the Western and North European market.

STARCO focus on the customers manufacturing various applications is on the seven segments: Trailer & Caravan, Industrial vehicles, Agricultural implements, Tractor, Ground care & utility vehicles, Light transportation, and Specialised vehicles.

Initially it does not impact daily operations, however going forward the customers will experience a more specialised and customer-focused STARCO. Minor changes in regards of invoicing and customer service will be announced later to the specific customers.

“It is with pride and respect of Peer’s legacy we now take a significant step in the direction we started shaping after I was appointed CEO in 2015. We have been looking forward to developing the organisation to stand stronger in a highly competitive market that requires a higher level of specialised knowledge within each segment,” says Richard Todd.

The aftermarket sales and support will remain unchanged for the local customer, however managed centrally as one segment.

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Media Contact

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