Improved availability for STARCO wheel range including STARCO Dual and Special wheels

Oct 15, 2015 | Manufacturing

In the continued quest for improved efficiency, enhanced manufacturing quality and better customer service, STARCO Europe has taken the decision to transfer the manufacturing of STARCO GS wheel range to the company’s award winning steel wheel factory in Beli Manastir, Croatia.

For the past eight years, STARCO has been committed to ensuring a future for the STARCO GS wheel range. Following the retirement in 2013 of the founders Fritz and Rudi Schaad, the challenge for STARCO has been to maintain the excellence of Swiss engineering concepts whilst improving availability – not least in Switzerland, where the mountainous terrain means that Swiss farmers are amongst the most active users of specialised dual wheels in Europe.

With this move, the logistics for the production and distribution of STARCO special wheel will be simpler and more efficient because both the factory in Croatia and the majority of the STARCO GS customer base are located within the EU. These customers will also benefit from the enhanced production capacity and efficiency of the Beli Manastir’s manufacturing operation, with shorter production lead times and an established, proven logistics systems covering all STARCO markets and its distribution partners.

In Croatia, STARCO employs 200 people, manufacturing over 1 million wheels each year and serving a broad range of OEM and aftermarket customers directly from Croatia or through the company’s extensive European sales and distribution network. The factory in Beli Manastir is ISO 9001 certified and consistently achieves excellent quality ratings by many leading agricultural and industrial OEM customers. The founding philosophy of this facility – flexibility, small batch sizes, quick changeovers, short lead-times and high quality – is essential for the excellent customer service which has become the STARCO we know.

STARCO will continue to develop the Swiss market and will be maintaining sales, support and stock at the existing STARCO GS headquarters in Subingen, from where the company will continue to sell the complete STARCO range of wheels and tyres with focus solely on the Swiss market.

Whilst this move marks the end of a proud era of special wheel manufacturing in Switzerland, it also will result in the STARCO GS product range reaching an even wider market, thus ensuring that the ingenuity and vision of the Schaad brothers continues to benefit users worldwide.

Media contact

Media contact

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Strategic Marketing Director
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