Working at STARCO

People with a passion


Our wheels and tyres solutions are among the best in the market. This is a result of the combined and continued effort of the talented people working at STARCO. We call the people working at STARCO the STARCOnians - and we know it is the STARCOnians that give us the leading edge.



We invest in our employees, by maintaining a safe and healthy workplace, by offering challenges and opportunities and by giving all employees responsibility for- and influence over their role in the company. Because of this, many of our employees have stayed with us for many years.

Various job functions in the same locations gives our employees a high degree of mobility and the opportunity to get a role within another business areas. We support our people in acquiring the necessary product knowledge and business understanding to enable them to approach their work with confidence and to achieve success. Our tone is informal, our organisation flat and our unity is founded in our history as a family-owned business.

We empower them with the tools with which they can enhance their skills and unleash their potential, and we encourage them to use their heads, their hands and their hearts. Showing initiative, applying in innovative mind-set and thinking outside the box is encouraged and rewarded.

Despite a common passion for wheels and tyres, we enjoy the diversity amongst the STARCOnians – both when it comes to hobbies, cultures and educational background.

Below you can read more about, how we develop the STARCOnians. 

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Developing our people

We take pride in our people and value their development. STARCO University provides the ongoing theoretical and practical learning environment that ensures constant personal and professional development.

Throughout the years STARCO has made extraordinary training of employees cross borders and functions. The Wheel Maestro and Tyre Maestro courses to raise product awareness and give hands-on experience are STARCO-iconic. Tyre Maestro and the Wheel Maestro training courses are held whenever needed. During the training, the participants lean about tyres and wheels from both a design and production perspective as well as from an application and customer point of view. We believe that knowing about tyres and wheels are important to all employees.

Tyre Meastro

A three week course in three countries letting employees explore and learn about the entire life cycle of a tyre – from rubber plants in Thailand to shipment to a customer in the UK

Wheel Meastro

1 course, three seminars spread over a year. Taking STARCOnians to UK to visit our technical department, Croatia to visit one of our factories, and to Denmark for practical training in an agricultural scenery.


Leadership Training

In 2016 we launched an extensive Leadership Training Programme developing our important leaders (middle management). Four 2-day seminars and individual coaching sessions in between seminars.