Meet us at Demopark 2017 at our home turf

Apr 26, 2017 | Corporate news

On 11–13 June, a German airport will be shutting down to make room for Europe’s largest open-air exhibition in the green sector. STARCO will be one of more than 400 exhibitors and will present their development and manufacturing capabilities at their 100-m2 stand, as well as displaying complete wheel solutions, such as those for professional mowers, loaders, compact tractors and single axle tractors.

As usual, STARCO will be joining Demopark in Germany, but unlike in recent years, the focus of STARCO’s business is now solely on the original equipment manufacturers (OEM). This is reflected in the increased number of fitted STARCO wheels and tyres on the exhibiting OEMs. In 2015 at Demopark, visitors could find STARCO tyres or wheels fitted on more than half of the OEM exhibiting there.

“We experience growth in general across our customer segments, and particular in relation to the green sector. Our wheel kits for compact tractors with Nokian, Petlas and Galaxy tyres are extremely popular; our relation to key small wheel loader and professional mower manufacturers develops continuously and includes joint development projects and integrated supply chain solutions,” says Frédéric Ivancich, Segment Director, Utility & Ground Care Vehicles and Tractors.

STARCO has more than 55 years of experience in the wheel and tyre industry. Besides being a market leader in the high-speed trailer segment, STARCO is a leading partner when it comes to wheel and tyre solutions for Utility & Ground vehicles, including customers like Avant Tecno, GGP, Husqvarna, Weidemann, Multione and Kärcher.

“The divestment of the aftermarket activity driven by a strategic focus on our OEM-business has also improved our supply setup for customers. In the STARCO customer care centre in Germany, our pure OE focus and improved processes drive service levels and customer satisfaction up,” says Andreas Thorborg, Senior Sales Manager, STARCO.

Optimum fit between wheel and tyre

“When we have the initial meeting with new customers, we learn they do not have an optimum match between the wheel and the tyre. Additionally, they suffer from very poor quality due to issues painting the wheels,” explains Frédéric Ivancich.

STARCO’s manufacturing setup stands out from competitors due to the high level of flexibility and product finish. All STARCO wheels from the Croatian factory come with E-coat anti-corrosion protection and a powder coat top finish as standard, giving excellent corrosion resistance and an aesthetic appearance.

“When it comes to wheels for tractors, we often see the need for a more simplified solutions and the possibility for a made-to-measure solutions of both low and high volume,” explains Ivancich, who looks forward to meeting both current and potential customers at the exhibition.

STARCO has very specialised knowledge about compact tractors and supplies wheels and tyres to Kubota and Iseki, for instance.

“We know the optimum fit between the wheel and the tyre improves the performance of the vehicle. This requires that you as a manufacturer of compact tractors or loaders, for instance, consider the wheel and tyre solution at the early stages of the development process,” explains Thorborg.

Ivancich supplements, “Today, the contractors’ equipment needs to be more multifunctional than in the past. Here, a different tyre pattern or mounting of a dual wheel can ensure the contractor has a much better experience and a better end result in getting optimal use out of his machinery investment.”

The STARCO team looks forward to meeting professionals working in the green sectors, as well as STARCO’s current and potential customers at Demopark.

Wheels & tyres on the STARCO stand:

Small wheel loaders and professional mowers:

  • STARCO Turf Tech
  • STARCO MP Loader
  • STARCO AS Loader
  • Dual wheels with STARCO Alptrak and MP Dumper

Compact tractor:

  • Galaxy Garden Pro
  • Kenda K500 Super Turf
  • Nokian TRI2
  • Petlas TR110

You can also see a specially designed wheel and a wheel painted in various colours, including E-coating, which ensures high endurance and excellent corrosion resistance.

The STARCO team at Demopark:

  • Andreas Thorborg, Senior Sales Manager
  • Sönke Koop, Sales Operation Manager, STARCO GmbH
  • Dieter Polz, Sales Manager
  • Mickael Chatelain, Sales Manager
  • Charly Fontanella, Customer Care
  • Axel Werner, Customer Excellence Director, STARCO GmbH
  • Frédéric Ivancich, Segment Director, Utility & Ground Care Vehicles and Tractors

About Demopark

Demopark is Europe’s largest open-air exhibition for the green sector, with 250,000 square metres of exhibition space. In 2015, Demopark had 424 exhibitors and 36,000 trade visitors.

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