Sneak peek: New mini dual wheel solution

Jun 12, 2019 | Corporate news

In close collaboration with market-leading Avant Tecno, STARCO developed a new 12-inch dual wheel solution for wheel loaders. The solution is currently being tested and will be available later this year.

In the agriculture industry, STARCO is known for their dual wheel solutions and the effective clamp system with Swiss origin, also known as the GS Schaad system. Now the company is taking the dual wheel and its advantages to other industries and machines.

“Just like duals for tractors, this solution enables better stability and improved traction and reduces ground pressure. It simply gives the user new opportunities when it comes to the use of his or her machine,” states Pasi Pietikainen, Sales Manager, Nordic, who has been part of the development project. He continues, “Duals improve the versatility of the machines, for instance agricultural machines or lifting equipment where the ground is soft, or the landscape is hilly.”

The new solution is developed in close collaboration with the Finnish company Avant Tecno. STARCO expects to make the solution available to other OEMs and end-customers via the OEM’s dealer networks and STARCO’s national distributors.

“Duals improve the versatility of the machines, for instance agricultural machines or lifting equipment where the ground is soft, or the landscape is hilly.” 

“We see a major potential within our current customer portfolio and look forward to sharing more information with them, in particular in our Utility & Ground Care segment,” states Brian Lorentzen, Marketing Director, STARCO. He continues, “It’s great to take our knowledge from one sector and solution and apply it in new areas to strengthen the performance of the applications and improve the user experience.”

The development project started in 2018 and currently, the STARCO AW Mini is being tested and made ready for sale later this year. STARCO expects to officially launch the new dual solution at Agritechnica in Hannover, Germany, in November 2019.

About Avant Tecno

Avant Tecno has 25 years of experience in loaders and a known for innovative product development, unique design and high-end loaders. Avant has eight model series and 190 different attachments. Since 1991, Avant Tecno has manufactured more than 45 000 loaders at their manufacturing plant in Ylöjärvi, Finland. The company has sales offices in Germany, UK and US, and import partners in more than 55 countries.

Media contact

Media contact

Brian Lorentzen

Strategic Marketing Director
+45 51341399

Sales contact

Sales contact

Hubert Plouchart

Segment Director, Outdoor Utility Equipment
+33 787 081 418

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