STARCO goes to Hollywood

Dec 22, 2014 | Corporate news

Polish cinema camera crane manufacturer MOVIEBIRD selects STARCO wheels for a mission-critical cine-production application that has delivered stunning mobile cinematography for several award-winning international feature films.

By the time the director is ready to shout “Action!” a film company will have invested a lot of time and money in bringing people and technical equipment to a location or studio. All of this in preparation for a few minutes of film footage. The slightest unforeseen event can cause delays and break even the biggest budget.

Creating the moving shot with the camera sweeping smoothly between various angles and positions demands precision engineering and extremely reliable components, and the ability for the camera platform to move easily, quietly safely and gently under load, in a movement that can be repeated accurately.

For most camera crane applications, the most critical components are to be found at the base, where the crane meets the ground and bears the load. Wheel and tyre solutions must match the underlying terrain – pneumatic for soft terrain, hard rubber for smooth studio floors and nylon or composites for tracked shots. Wheels must have minimal rolling resistance and absolutely no flat-spotting, the slightest vibration at the base risks being transmitted to the camera, which with a long focal length lens will amplify any vibration tenfold and render the take useless.

Polish camera crane manufacturer MOVIEBIRD, whose range of crane products have been used worldwide in major feature films, use STARCO wheel solutions for their cranes.

The MOVIEBIRD crane was used on the recent Hollywood blockbuster movie “Django Unchained”, staring Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio, which won 2 Academy Awards including “Best Original Screenplay”. It was also nominated for Oscars in the category “Best Achievement in Cinematography”.

This is yet another example of an application, for which the choice of wheel solution – seemingly the simplest and least expensive component – is critical for the entire function, reliability and performance of the product, proving, once again, that the choice of a STARCO wheel solution, backed-up by unparalleled engineering expertise and logistic support is a sound investment for any Original Equipment Manufacturer in the pursuit of excellence.

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Media contact

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