STARCO – The third generation

Jan 21, 2015 | Corporate news

After 25 years at the helm of STARCO, CEO and majority shareholder Peer Ejlersgaard hands over the executive responsibility for the STARCO Group to Richard Todd and Karsten Petersen and becomes Chairman of the Board, to be joined by a new board of directors in a move to further strengthen both the daily management of the company and its strategic development for the future.


With the appointment of Richard Todd as Chief Operating Officer with executive responsibility for the operation of the STARCO Group and the appointment of a new board of directors.

Together with Chief Financial Officer Karsten Petersen, Richard Todd will with a new strong strategy in 2015 keep focus on core business areas and activities. The goal is to harness and harvest the considerable investment in human, engineering and infrastructural resources that STARCO has made in recent years. A group wide alignment of goals and working methods will be the foundation. Richard Todd and Karsten Petersen have been at STARCO since 2009.

Both Richard Todd and Karsten Petersen have become shareholders of STARCO, each with a 1% shareholding, underlining their long-term commitment to the company.

As Chairman of the new board of directors, Peer Ejlersgaard has put together a team of exceptionally qualified and experienced directors.

The new Vice-chairman is Carl Evald Bakke Jakobsen. Carl Evald has for many years been Senior Partner at TRITON-Partners, a very successful European private equity firm.

Also joining the STARCO board is market and tyre specialist Hervé Richert, who, since 2006, has been International Director of GiTi tyre – today one of the worlds top ten manufacturers. Before joining GiTi, Hervé built the Michelin operation in Asia.

The fourth board member is Peter Thorsen, who, through the Danish investment company Kirk & Thorsen, is a shareholder with a 15% share in STARCO.

Under the leadership of Peer Ejlersgaard, the board of directors will support and guide the new management and focus on the long term business strategy of the company.

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Media contact

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