A KENDA company

About Kenda

KENDA is one of the world’s leading tyre manufacturers with a wide product range.

STARCO joined the KENDA Group in October 2017 with the aim of strengthening and growing both companies.

  • KENDA was founded in Taiwan in 1962 and is family owned
  • More than 12,000 employees globally​
  • More than 10 tyre factories, 6 wheel factories worldwide as well as a global network of operations and distribution centres
  • KENDA’s main markets are Asia, the USA and Europe​





Premium performance at a Value Price – KENDA’s diverse automotive line includes PCR tyres, Ultra-High Performance tyres, SUV and Light Truck tyres.

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Maximized durability – KENDA manufactures a full line of bias and radial trailer tyres to carry a heavy load for RV, Marine, Utility and Livestock trailer markets.

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Reliability and performance – Bicycle tyres are a pillar that KENDA stands upon. Cyclists of every skill and level trust KENDA; from daily commuters to world champions.

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Lawn and Garden

One preferred tyre: KENDA – Industry standard for golf carts, as well as the preferred choice for many OE manufacturers in the world.

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Focus on durability – KENDA’s Powersports division carries a full line of tyres for multiple product lines such as Motorcycles, Dirt bikes, ATVs, SXS and Scooters.

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High quality and technically advanced pneumatic tyres – for manual and power wheelchairs for everyday use, outdoor use and high performance sports.

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