PU tyres and plastic wheels

PU tyres and plastic wheels

Strong innovative culture and agile plastic wheel and PU tyre manufacturing as well as in-house design and mould manufacturing. We excel in puncture-proof tyres and produce more than 750,000 4 to 18-inch wheels a year.

STARCO DML was established in 1997 with a focus on supplying automotive customers with, for instance, bushes, bearings and interior components. Later, the factory found its niche and since 2005, when STARCO acquired the factory, the focus gradually switched to wheels and tyres. Today, STARCO’s factory in the UK is one of Europe’s premier plastic wheel producers and the largest puncture-proof tyre manufacturer.

STARCO drives joint-development projects with major players in the industrial industry and supply world leading wheel barrow manufactures such as Altrad, Walsall Wheelbarrows and Hörby Bruk.

Despite the main focus on the wheel and tyre production accounting for more than 80 percent of the turnover, the team also uses competences to serve other sectors, such as electronic, camping & leisure and the automotive industry. Previous customers have included Nissan, Bentley, Aston Martin, Volvo and Jaguar, to whom we supplied tooling, injection mouldings and polyurethane foam components.



The polyurethane material used for our puncture-proof tyres is light-weight, hard-waring, has good shock absorption properties and demonstrates excellent resistance to most chemicals, ozone and UV attack. This ensures our products are the first choice for many demanding applications.



The factory holds an impressive safety record regarding both absence and accidents. All products from this factory are fully REACH compliant, meeting European standards and legislation – this helps to protect health and the environment by minimising and eliminating the use of potentially harmful chemicals.


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