Corporate Social Responsibility

Ever since STARCO was established by the Ejlersgaard family in 1961, caring for each other has been a part of our DNA. We dare to care and act responsibly when it comes to human rights, employee wellbeing and the environment.

We are operating in various geographical, ethnical and economical environments globally and we value the diversity of the company culture and employees. We therefore focus on managing our facilities according to local regulations and values. Below you can find our stance when it comes to various CSR subjects and you can download, at the bottom of this page, our CSR Policy including statements regarding the Modern Slavery Act and Anti-corruption and Anti-bribery. Or you can download the statements separately if you find that more convenient.


Human and labour rights

We consider basic human rights a fundamental value throughout the organisation and beyond, no matter where we operate geographically. Therefore, we will not accept forced or child labour. We stand for equality principles and we are against discrimination based on race, religion, gender or other principles. We recognise the rights of our employees to work reasonable working hours and receive appropriate remuneration for the work, holidays and other benefits in compliance with local requirements. All employees are allowed freedom of assembly and participation in workers’ organisations.

Occupational health and safety (OHS)

We enforce the implementation of OHS policies and procedures to ensure a safe working environment for all our employees as a top priority. We provide personal protective equipment to employees where required, as well as strive to improve the safety of our employees through continuous improvement efforts and implement preventive measures. We also support the implementation of employees’ ideas related to the improvement of working conditions where applicable.


Anti-corruption and bribery

We have zero tolerance for corruption and bribery. We train our own employees to follow the guidelines stated in our “Anti-corruption Policies and Procedures” document. We also work with our external suppliers to use reasonable efforts and promote compliance with our anti-corruption policies internally and with their sub-suppliers. Read more in STARCO’s statement on the Anti-corruption and Anti-bribery Act and about the Act here.


We are committed to conform to various local regulations that have a global impact. We have zero tolerance for slavery – please see our statement regarding the Modern Slavery Act. You can read about the Act here.


We acknowledge the environmental footprint left by our business and we strive to reduce this impact through various initiatives. Conforming to local environmental regulations is a must in all our entities. We apply a lean approach in manufacturing and distribution sites to reduce the waste of, for instance, energy, materials and water. We also focus on maximising the use of recycled materials in our products to reduce the requirement for virgin materials.


We want to be seen as a responsible and long-term partner for our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. We continuously focus on social and environmental issues together with our employees and partners. We want to develop our business and people in a sustainable way that would benefit society and the environment in the long term.

We will seek partners who will adhere to the same ethical standards and values as us.


CSR Policy

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Anti-Corruption & Anti-Bribery

Modern Slavery