National distributors

We partner with national distributors across Europe to support and serve our customers in the original equipment manufacturer segment.

Our national distributor network is mainly to ensure that our dual wheel solutions and made-to-measure wheels are available in the aftermarket. Hence, customers can buy them from machinery importers, machinery dealers and other agricultural businesses. In close collaboration with major tractor manufacturers, STARCO develops and manufactures standardised dual wheel systems and make them available for the European market for first fit, as well as retro fit.

The distribution network also ensures that many of the STARCO wheel and tyre solutions are available for replacement. As a partner for our OEM customer, STARCO knows it’s important to make our range available in the aftermarket.

STARCO partners with national distributors in selected markets, where we want to have a stronger presence through OEMs and the aftermarket. We serve the aftermarket ourselves in Poland, Switzerland and the UK, with a focused product ranges adjusted to the market.

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Sales Contact

Are you a manufacturer of applications for light transportation and would like to discuss clever wheel and tyre solutions for your application? Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Axel Werner
Segment Director, Tractor and National Distributor
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