A strong development partner

A strong development partner

Unique insight into the use of applications and knowledge of tyre and wheel performance.

We are driven by our customers’ needs and have focus on the improvement of their applications’ performance. We continuously strive to reduce costs through VAVE projects – and maintenance free is our ambition. We have experts with a valuable wheel and tyre knowledge, who design and develop together with our customers.

As an ETRTO-member, we keep updated on legislative matters and ensure compliance to legislative requirements, which affects our products either on their own or when fit to an application. We have a particular focus on tyre approval EC 661/2009 and EU167/2013ECE, tyre regulations ECE, REACH, PAH, SVHC and Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS 2).

Development capabilities

Wheel and tyre knowledge 

Legal requirements
Tyre & wheel capability
Testing & diagnostics

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Design & Development

Product development
Joint development
Value Analysis & Value Engineering

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Compliance & Documentation

Supplier suitability
Supplier audits
Technical Documentation

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Development approach

Our back catalogue of clever wheel and tyre solutions is the foundation to improve performance of the customer’s machine or vehicle.

  • Market driven or customer specific product development
  • Application performance in focus
  • ‘Clever solutions’ also means optimum balancing of cost, performance and quality
  • Maintenance free is the ambition
  • Re-thinking the use of materials
  • mplementing VAVE (Value Analysis and Value Engineering) projects to reduce costs and improve performance.


Bringing new products and solutions to the market that create the most value for our customers and STARCO.

Our structured yet agile go-to-market approach aims to discover and collect ideas from our employees, customers or other external partners. We define the initial best ideas, design the ideas so thorough prioritisation is possible, develop the product and deploy in the market.


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Corporate Social Responsibility

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