Aftermarket shops

We partner with OEMs and national distributors – additionally we have traditional aftermarket in Switzerland, Poland and United Kingdom, where customers can browse and buy products via our web shop.

We have served the aftermarket since 1961. In 2016, we divested most of our aftermarket activity to German Bohnenkamp. Today, we primarily serve the aftermarket directly where it supports our OEM business. In Poland, UK and Switzerland, we serve the aftermarket ourselves; however we primarily make our products and solutions available through national distributors and our OEM customers aftersales-setup.


If you are a STARCO customer, you can browse and buy products via our online shops for the Polish, Swiss and British markets.

If you are a new customer, you need to contact us for a login. Please, access the web shops via the links below – you will be directed to a new site. For more special enquiries and solutions, we are ready to assist and advise to find the right solution for you. Find the location and/or specialised area you need to contact here. If you are an OEM or national distributor, please go here.

The UK aftermarket web shop

The Swiss aftermarket web shop

The Polish aftermarket web shop

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Asset Sharing

Asset Sharing is not new – cooperatives are a key example of how communities have traditionally come together to pool resources and work collaboratively. Read more about it here.