Clever wheel and tyre solutions

We have been a pioneering force in the wheel and tyre industry for more than 55 years. Today, 550 STARCOnians make up a great team bound by a passion to develop, manufacture and deliver clever wheel solutions. Our specialty is low and high volume standard and bespoke complete wheels for a wide range of applications – from the smallest wheelbarrow or trailer, to large agricultural or industrial machines and implements.

Being headquartered in Denmark and having factories in the UK, Croatia, Sri Lanka and China, as well as six sales and distribution locations across Europe, we offer a widespread distribution network to customers in eight different segments – primary original equipment manufacturers or national distributors. In 2016 we had a turnover of 110 million EUR.

Our Customers

We develop, manufacture and deliver Wheel and tyre solutions for eight different customer segments across Europe. Click each segment below to learn more.

STARCO Segments

STARCO Segments

STARCO Segments

STARCO Segments

STARCO Segment

STARCO Segments

STARCO Segments

National Distributor

Light Transportation

Industrial Vehicles

Utility & ground care vehicles



Agricultural Implements

Trailer & Caravan

Specialised Vehicles

National Distributors

STARCO at a glance

STARCO Location Map
  • 55 years of experience
  • > 550 passionate people - many with seniority of over 15 years in the business
  • 4 manufacturing sites in Croatia, China, Great Britain and Sri Lanka
  • 8 sales and distribution locations across Europe and headquartered in Denmark
  • 2.5 million wheels manufactured per year - stacked, this is the equivalent of 15 Mount Everests
  • 95% of the wheels we sell we manufacture ourselves
  • 110 million EUR turnover in 2016

Latest news


“We’d rather be #1 in one area than #3 in two areas”

In November, STARCO announced a new approach to the replacement market. STARCO is currently phasing out nearly all replacement market across Europe to focus on the OEM business. Today is the last day for serving aftermarket-customers in France. The UK aftermarket will remain ‘business as usual’ and the replacement market focus in Poland will be on solid tyres. “It has not been an easy decision to implement short term – but a good decision for us and our customers in the long run,” says STARCO’s Chief Commercial Officer.

Five good reasons to switch to triple-wheels

Several years of development and field testing with customers have given Skodborg Dækservice a unique knowledge of using dual wheels. In addition to demonstrating a 20% lower field pressure, there are several other advantages. “Now it’s just a matter of communicating the advantages and changing habits,” says dual wheels expert, Felix Ratgen, who uses STARCO’s patented dual wheel system.

STARCO to develop solid tyre distribution network in Asia

STARCO joins the Asian exhibition TyreExpo to display its in-house designed, developed and manufactured solid tyre ranges. The search for new customers and national distribution partners in Asia has begun – with a specific focus on the Middle East. Meetings with potential new partners are lined up and the STARCO team looks forward to identify more players.

Want a brief introduction to what ECE117 means to your business?

We understand that the ever-changing jungle of requirements for wheels and tyres is pretty hard to grasp if you’re not a tyre and wheel expert. Below is a guideline to help you navigate and distinguish between the NEED to know and the NICE to know about ECE –requirements as a manufacturer of vehicles that use passenger car, commercial light truck or truck tyres.

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STARCO Wheel production

With our own wheel production plants, we can match almost any requirement you may have.

STARCO Tusker & Unicorn

The excellent characteristics of the STARCO Tusker tyre lie in the three-layer design. These three layers work together resulting in a tyre that is perfect for fork lift truck applications.


Specially designed open tread for uncompromising “Gecko” grip for extreme conditions.

Kenda K610 Kinetics

The K610 Kinetics is a very tough, reliable tyre giving excellent value for money!


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