Five good reasons to switch to triple-wheels

Mar 23, 2017 | Tractors

Several years of development and field testing with customers have given Skodborg Dækservice a unique knowledge of using dual wheels. In addition to demonstrating a 20% lower field pressure, there are several other advantages. “Now it’s just a matter of communicating the advantages and changing habits,” says dual wheels expert, Felix Ratgen, who uses STARCO’s patented dual wheel system. 

Behind the computer screen sits Felix Ratgen, the second-generation owner of Skodborg Dækservice, who shows how based on simple parameters on machine and surface, he can calculate optimal tyre solutions for his customers. For more than four decades Skodsborg Dækservice has serviced and sold wheel and tyre solutions for agricultural, industrial and construction vehicles.

The calculation model is solid; the same goes for the practical experience. Once the season starts in earnest, before too long, he is ready to give advice based on the customers’ varied needs.

“We see the same undesirable wear and tear on the shoulders of the big tyres that we change, and hear a strong desire for lower ground pressure from our customers,” says Ratgen, going on to explain that the farmer avoids precisely that wear and tear if he installs dual wheels instead, and even reduces the ground pressure by 12–20% and takes better advantage of his horsepower.

A triple mounting containing STARCO dual wheels is wider than a traditional single tyre installation. Besides the fact that overall, it is often a cheaper and stronger solution, the solution is more self-cleaning due to the narrower tyres, which also provides better traction.

Skodborg Dækservice started installing STARCO’s dual wheels on tractors several years ago. Today, they have calculation models, which make it so that if the customers themselves help with parameters such as weight and surface, they can very easily calculate how the farmer can get the optimal solution

“In my experience, when we install 2 + 1 wheels, this solution often performs better than the wide wheels,” says the STARCO customer from Skodborg Dækservice, who believes that the advantages have been sufficiently documented. Now it’s just a matter of explaining the advantages and changing behaviour. “When our alternative with dual tyres from STARCO is met with scepticism, we just refer to our actual results and in some cases, we give extraordinary warranties,” explains Ratgen. He points out that virtually all customers who have tried the alternative with triple installation have vowed to never go back to the old solution. “One of the reasons is the tension in the system where the threaded rod remains in the adapter on the tractor. This gives a much better, safer and easier installation – It’s just less hassle,” Ratgen says with a smile.

The tyre solution turns machines into multi-use machines

For several years, Skodborg Dækservice has been a customer of STARCO and is today the primary distributor in Denmark of STARCO’s dual wheel systems to contractors, machine importers and machine dealers:

“STARCO’s dual wheel system – still commonly known as the Schaad system – is definitely the best on the market. It enables easy installation of duals next to the original wheels,” explains Ratgen, who makes reference to STARCO’s patented clamp system, which enables dual wheels to be easily and safely installed.

The ease of installation also allows the farmer to use his tractor for different things – from heavy field work in the high season and light maintenance of green areas in the low season. In addition, it opens up more options when changing tyres.

“We have several customers who are currently forced to choose between 1 or 2 tyre brands when they need new wide tyres. By choosing two narrow wheels instead of one wide wheel, it opens up access to many different tyre suppliers and thereby also a completely different price and flexibility,” explains Ratgen, giving an example of a price in which each tyre was almost 40% cheaper.

80 % of Skodborg Dækservice’s revenue comes from agriculture. They look forward to the start of the season and have already received the first enquiries with regard to wheel solutions that are tailored to individual needs.



  1. Lower ground pressure
    The ground pressure is minimised because the tyre’s surface area is larger with dual wheels, and you also avoid wear and tear on the tyre’s shoulders.
  2. Cheaper
    The solution is cheaper, because two narrower tyres are considerably cheaper than one wide tyre. The rim is a bit more expensive, but the total price is cheaper both when buying and in the long run.
  3. Wider range
    Farmers are often forced to choose between 1 or 2 tyre brands for the wide tyres, but by switching to STARCO dual wheels, there are many more potential suppliers. This results in good flexibility when choosing tyres.
  4. Less fuel consumption
    Due to the improved traction, smaller tractors can do more. For example, it has been shown that a farmer could manage with a 300 hp tractor instead of one with 330 hp. It is less expensive, both to purchase and in operation.
  5. Multi-use
    Dual-wheel installation helps to vary what the machine can be used for, as the dual wheel can be removed and installed as needed. Therefore, more farmers use the same tractor for the heavy field work in the high season as for the lighter maintenance of green areas in the low season.

About Skodborg Dækservice A/S 

Since 1975, Skodborg Dækservice has serviced and sold wheel and tyre solutions for agricultural, industrial and construction vehicles. They repair and vulcanise almost all types of tyres, change inset and drilling in rims, and repair most types of rims in their own forging department.


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