KENDA KR102 Tourer

Designed for your journey

The KENDA KR102 Tourer is the first tire to be tailored to the specific needs of caravan tires. The unique design addresses the challenges associated with long-distance travel, extended stationary periods, and consistent loads. Here is a one of a kind combination of performance, durability and safety developed for the needs of caravan owners.


  • M+S marking
  • Excellent wet grip
  • UV protection compound
  • Free rolling design
  • Improved inner liner
  • Tailored tread
  • Strong kerbing strips
  • User-friendly sidewall


Excellent wet grip ensures a safe drive in wet conditions and reduces the risk of aquaplaning


Key features – all you need to know

Tread wear indicator

Extra tread wear indicators are incorporated as part of the tread design for easy assessment.

Free rolling design

A free rolling tire (FRT) is lighter, runs cooler, wears slower and reduces fuel consumption.

E-marked (ECE117)

The tire complies with all required European legislation.​

User friendly sidewall​​ marking

Clear and easily identifiable sidewall markings provide important information for informed decisions about tire maintenance and usage.

Tailored tread

A tread design optimised for caravans ensures excellent performance on both wet and dry surfaces, providing the necessary stability and control during travel.

Improved inner liner

An enhanced inner liner reduces air loss. Maintaining proper tire pressure is crucial for safety, fuel efficiency and overall performance.

M+S Marking

The Mud and Snow (M+S) marking indicates improved performance in mud and snow, making it suitable for a variety of weather conditions.

Kerbing strips

The inclusion of strong kerbing strips enhances sidewall protection. The tire withstands contact with curbs or other obstacles better.

UV protection​

The inclusion of a UV protection compound helps prevent ozone cracks and loss of elasticity. This is particularly important, since caravans are often stored outdoors for extended periods.