At STARCO, we never compromise on quality and always aim to have the right quality level that meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations

Our factories are ISO-certified and ISO-certification of all STARCO customer care and distribution sites are underway.

To ensure robust business processes, process compliance and sufficient documentation, implementation of our STARCO Quality Management System is high on our agenda. We monitor performance, analyse statistics, conduct root cause analysis and initiate actions to continuously improve. Hence, at STARCO’s factories continuous improvement is not a system – it’s a culture and a LEAN method for identifying opportunities for streamlining what we do in order to reduce waste. This often occurs in close collaboration across the supply chain and with customers.

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Securing high product quality

We know the effect poor tyre and wheel quality has on the performance of the applications in use. We have high quality premium wheels and tyres, and also standard solutions if this is what matches the application and customer expectations the best. We know over-engineering is a cost for both us and customers. We support our customers in making the best match between application and wheel and tyre solution to produce an optimum balance between cost and quality.

We have adopted the automotive standard PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) when introducing new products. This to ensure our suppliers:

  • have thorough design and specifications insight
  • can deliver a product meeting the specified requirements
  • have the processes in place.
We evaluate suppliers and monitor performance on part per million (PPM) level, working closely with our key suppliers to secure the quality we promise to our customers. Structured, in-house testing and quality checks take place at every stage, from raw material to final products.

Improving quality through design and development

Product quality starts in the design phase. Sometimes certain quality specifications from a customer is the driver for development of a new wheel and tyre solution. This is the case for customers across all our segments – for instance manufacturers of professional mowers, tractors or firetrucks for airports.
Our specialised in-house engineering team focuses extensively on product quality.



Enabling good quality throughout the supply chain

We know the lead time from factory to distribution centres or to our customers’ assembly line is very valuable. We have a proven track record in bringing down handling costs, reducing lead times and improving delivery in close collaboration with our customers. Our quality management systems ensure structured follow up on delivery performance and the lean methodology ensures continuous improvement.

Our systems and setup allow our customers to run using a just-in-time principle to ensure the optimum integration between our customers’ supply chain and our own.



Handling claims

We never compromise quality. If something does not live up to our customers' expectations, we handle claims with care. Our experienced Quality Assurance team is always available to step in and take charge of the process with support from our experienced engineering team. We manage claims in our claim management system and in close dialogue with our customers – both to ensure proper documentation, to solve the case here-and-now, and to prevent similar quality cases. Then, relevant, root cause analysis is carried out and preventive actions are initiated.

We communicate openly and immediately regarding any irregularities or product updates.

Continuously improving

STARCOnians not only learn from mistakes, we are also encouraged to challenge the obvious and continuously improve how we work. STARCO has always had a non-bureaucratic and flat organisation, which results in fast decision making and empowered employees. We live by the LEAN principles and continuously improve across the entire value chain.